2014 Catana 53

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After several months of research and good advice from our most enthusiastic customers, the Catana dockyard, assisted by several architect firms, is proud to present the new Catana 53.
With minimalist design, the cockpit and salon on the same level, and multi-purpose extendable lounge, the interior fittings of the Catana 53 are innovations that set new standards of comfort
and offer truly unique living spaces. The galley and island unit, wide passageways and spacious cabins give the Catana 53 an incredible sense of space. This unrivalled level of comfort goes
hand-in-hand with high performance and a 360° view, whether from the steering position, cockpit, salon or chart table.
The exterior of the Catana 53 is particularly elegant, with its reverse bows and inward-curving daggerboards. The new hulls have achieved even higher scores than those of its predecessor,
the Catana 52 and Catana 50.
Benefiting from the cutting edge of recreational sailing construction, the infusion process and the use of carbon (now standard on all models), the Catana 53 is a high-performance, hardwearing, light boat.
Welcome on board. Step onto the bridge of an exceptional boat that will shape the high-performance luxury catamarans of the future. Get ready to be whisked away, faster and further.

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