2004 Aiken 62

SEK  15.544.049
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Enkel / diesel
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EUR  1.600.000 Skatt/moms ej betald (SEK  15.544.049) 
The new Aiken 62 is an exciting new high performance yacht, very light for her size and built for sailing at fast speed, with a displacement of about 20 tonnes.

The hull shape, drawn by Javier Soto Acebal, is designed with ultimate speed in mind. It is a good, quick, racing orientated hull.

The Aiken 62 benefits from 'Sprint' construction techniques for both hull and deck. One of the advantages of 'Sprint' is its large strength to weight ratio, which enables the hull to be built not only lighter, with very large safety margins, making the Aiken 62 capable of coping with the worst of sailing conditions.

The Aiken 62 will be extremely comfortable and capable of berthing six people in luxury. Under racing conditions, double that number may be berthed if the central cabin is brought into use.

With hull shape and rig configuration carefully controlled, the Aiken 62 can expect to enjoy the same close One-Design style racing that has typified the Aiken contests.

Aiken Yachts wants owners to be able to specify the yacht to their own preferences, therefore there are a number of internal layout options and in terms of deck layout, Aiken Yachts will offer an open cockpit and a bridge deck option.

The owner is also able to select either manual, electric or hydraulic winches, as well as either the standard T-shaped keel of 7.2 tonnes or the IMS-optimised version. The result should be that the Aiken 62 class can enjoy very close racing without some of the limitations of a pure One-Design racer, which tends to make few concessions to cruising comfort.

The carbon rig dispenses with the complexities of runners, opting instead for a simple, two-swept-back-spreader configuration. The jib is non-overlapping, making the sail plan very tall and efficient and at the same time very easy to handle Price ex. VAT


Please contact at +31 (0)320 746046

Intresserad av denna båt? Telefon: +31 (0)320 746046
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